• Who I am

  • "I strive for consistency of quality and health of all my dogs. I bread Blenhiem’s and sometimes tri’s. I take care to ensure that our bloodlines are true to standard. Pups are available only as pets and come with limited registration.
    I am a small breeding Kennel at Badgerin Rock in the wheat belt. I am happy to negotiate pick up. All pup’s are nurtured in a loving environment and over the years with great care and a well managed breeding program. I offer our puppies to selected homes. They are vet checked vaccinated and micro chipped at six weeks and go to their new homes at 8 weeks, depending on the adjustment of the female mother. I would ask to meet prospective owners in person by appointment only.
    I am always available for any enquirer about my pups and up and coming litters.
    I have had a passion for dogs and look forward to meeting up with you."

    Jan Henning


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  • Koorda Country Setting

    All my dogs are reared in a beautiful country setting. A little town 4 hours from Perth called Koorda. The Shire of Koorda forms a part of the north-eastern section of the Central Agricultural Division. Its population of 596 consists of mostly farming community dedicated to wheat, coarse grains and sheep.


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